SPC-T20 Rotary hot melt labeling machine

It has the advantages of small consumption of glue, low operation cost of bottle and trademark


Product introduction and technical parameters

The SPC-T20 rotary hot melt labeling machine has the advantages of high design precision, rotary design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, strict processing requirements, fine assembly and good high-speed running stability of the machine;

The machine is use local gluing methods in less glue  consumption. Bottles and trademarks are consumption at low cost. The labeling machine has a rated speed of 40,000 bottles per hour and the trademark cutting accuracy can reach a deviation of ±1mm.

The elaborative designed label station can convey labels in constant force, the labels can be corrected an error automatically.

The main machine adopts the upper cam design, and the replacement bottle type is simple; the machine head adopts a pneumatic clamping method, and it is convenience to adjustment the host height.

Automation control is adopted PLC control, with combination control of servo system, invertor system, temperature control systems and other necessary control point.

The machine has overload protection and safety protection  fully designed, also has multi-point protection devices and fault sound and light alarms .This device can ensure human-machine safety. The centralized lubrication system makes the running parts of the machine easier to lubricate, the operation is more normal, and the machine life get more  guaranteed. The machine’s ?maintenance and repair is simple and convenient.

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Send your inquiry directly to us